Meet Pete the Toad

July 26, 2009

Newly emerged toad hiding under the deck.

Newly emerged toad hiding under the deck.

“I’m not sure that’s Pete.”

“Of course it’s Pete.  Look at him!”

O Brother Where Art Thou

This is the little guy we found on Friday.  He is very tiny–he would easily fit on the surface of a dime.  We caught a glimpse of him zipping through the flowers.  At first we thought he was a grasshopper, but on closer inspection we realized he was a newly emerged toad.  A Fowler’s toad, perhaps?  He spent most of the evening in this little area underneath the deck, but we’ve not seen him there since that time so I don’t know if it is his home.

We’ve not had much luck with toads at Dragonwyck Sanctuary.  Two summers ago, our next door neighbor brought one over, thinking it was a frog that had “escaped” from the pond.  That one was, in fact, a Fowler’s toad.  We released him at the water’s edge.  Later that week, we heard a crazy sound coming from the back of the Ponderosa.  We were inside the house when we heard him. He was loud enough to easily hear over the sound of the air conditioner.  After some research we discovered it was our new toad calling.  Unfortunately, that was the last time we heard him.  He was making such a racket back there, I think he must have drawn the attention of a predator.  We have many raccoons and an opossum or two roaming about each night.   This was our one and only toad experience until now.

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